47.3175267N | 15.9810838E

PS Racing Center Greinbach

Industriepark 248

8230 Greinbach



Finest Japanese Car Meet

inclusive Grip & Drift Trackday

Registration for Car Meet is not required

Children up to 14 years free
€5 for Visitors
€10 Entry fee for car+driver @ infield

Facebook Event


Opening @ 11:00 MET


Fasten your seatbelt!

An unforgettable drift experience as a co-driver next to a pro-drifter in a fully-built V8 drift car who really kills the tires at high-speed!

€60 for 1 turn (2 Rounds)


Grip & Drift on dry Racetrack

Registration for driving on Race Track @ ps-racing.at

Opening @ 12:00 MET

Photographers are welcome !

If you have pictures from our event, please send us an e-mail to: event@japspec.at
We will try to publish all pictures of visitors and photographers after the event.

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